Scent of dough - smell of joy!

Every morning, our ovens light up and our stores smell of freshly baked dough.

We make sandwiches with fresh ingredients, bake croissants, cheese pies and every delicacy with our own dough.

The pizzoti are prepared with the filling of the chef, Dimitris Skarmoutsos.

Bougatsa, 4 different types of peinirli and puff pastry with smoked bacon and mozzarella from the chef, Giannis Loukakos are also available in our stores.

We bake our delicious cookies with a traditional American recipe and fresh Athenian butter.

Pair your favorite coffee with one of our tasty pastries for the ultimate flavor combination!

Γευτείτε τα κάθε στιγμή μόνα τους ή με τον αγαπημένο σας καφέ!